Who is Gorebad?

My name is Gorebad. At least this is the pseudonym for the internet and social media, so it seems fitting I continue to use it here.

I was born in Hastings England in October 1971, and in 1980 I discovered Dungeons & Dragons. In October of that year, I began DMing (in a very loose fashion) for three of my cousins. These games were silly at best but they allowed me the freedom to learn and explore the craft of the Dungeon Master.  Once I went to secondary/high school, I played each and every break time, lunch and free period. During this time I also expanded to playing any Role Playing Game I could get my grubby little hands on, from Call of Cthulhu to Cyborg Commandos. I in fact began collecting them, much as someone else would collect stamps. At last count I had over 80 different Role Playing Games and Systems. With all of the studying and memorizing of games mechanics across so many different published (and some self created) systems, I am amazed my brain had room to memorize what was needed to graduate school.  Somehow I managed it.

Once I entered college, I continued to run all manner of games, for multiple groups, including some monumental 12 and 14 player fiasco’s that taught me a whole new aspect of Games Mastering. Once I graduated from college (again I am baffled as to how) I battled with mundane careers but ultimately ended up managing, and then owning a Gaming and Martial Arts (my other life long pass time) Store in my mid 20s. During this time I was fortunate enough to visit TSRs UK Headquarters numerous times, and attend many seminars and sessions run by some of TSRs top game designers and Dungeon Masters. This lead to me becoming a sanctioned Role Playing Games Association Dungeon Master, and getting involved in running tournament games at GenCon in 1996 and 97 which was held at Loughborough University in England.  In 1998 I sold a few of my games mechanics and games systems to a well known publishing company, and saw them emerge in some Games systems a year later. I also wrote several modules but never pursued them being published due to a big change that was happening in my life, and In my late 20s I moved across the big pond to the United States, and settled down in Louisiana. I continued to run games and work on honing my craft and in July 2014 decided to start a live broadcast gaming channel devoted to pen and paper role playing games. Howreroll went live in October that year and was Partnered four short months later. Twitch.tv/howreroll spawned a YouTube channel and currently enjoys a loyal and strong following.

Recently I have reconnected with a few of the “Old guard of TSR” and I am continuing to run games and be an active (and now) professional Dungeon Master………..