Testimonials and mentions.

Bellow you will find a few testimonials or comments from some of our readers. I am posting them here to show gratitude for their kind words or valuable input.

From: rpgguru (John Brown)

“Just leaving a comment here to say great job on the blog.
I like the fact that this comes across as a “real world” blog and that you have not tried to make it to wordy or pretentious. Some of the other blogs I have read that address the same goals, are just to boring to read, and it seems as though the author is more interested in the writing than the message. This blog speaks to the real players and dungeon masters of D&D.
For anyone else reading this comment, I worked for TSR (The original company behind dungeons and dragons) for many years and on many aspects of the game. I am still in the Role Playing Games industry and I am currently a games mechanic designer as well as free lance journalist. I have played with and have coached many great dungeon masters over the years in my line of work. A recent article I published lead me to finding Gorebad and his channel Howreroll whilst I was conduction research on live D&D streaming. I watched over thirty different channels and I can honestly say I fully endorse him as a great and experienced dungeon master and I religiously enjoy watching Howreroll the only twitch.tv D&D channel I choose to follow.”