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The DM’s Blog is a resource for DM tips and advice, player advice, and memoirs from over thirty three years gaming experience around the table top.

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If you wish to read the latest blog posts you will find them under the menu heading of BLOG POSTS. If you are viewing the full site (and not mobile version) you can also access them on the right side bar or search the posts by categories. If you wish to ask me a question or suggest a topic for me to cover please direct it to ASK GOREBAD.

Over the many years that I have been involved in Role Playing Games, and Dungeons & Dragons in particular, I have been asked, to give advice, share stories and in general offer insight into how to become a better Games Master or Dungeon Master. Since starting Howreroll (a partnered Dungeons and Dragons twitch.tv channel), the questions have become more frequent and in depth. I provide brief tips on our weekly Dungeons and Dragons talk show, and as often as my time allows, via twitter @gorebad. This blog is for all the questions asked that demand a lengthier response and am hopeful this blog of my advice and insight will help more become an accomplished Games Master and Dungeon Master.

I would like to preface everything you find on this site by stating I do not claim to be the world’s greatest Dungeon Master. I have been fortunate enough to have played with and been coached by some of TSRs best Dungeon Masters, and have been Dungeon Mastering for over thirty three years. Each Dungeon Master will have his own opinions,methods and priorities. This site expresses mine and comes from over three decades of experience.

I would also like to say that I am not a gifted writer. My English isn’t great and this will not be a literary masterpiece in anyway, so sorry in advance for any grammatical errors etc. Also while I will try to be politically correct in my writings, I also intend to be very blunt and to the point so a few people may get their little feelings hurt but so be it. I am not writing this blog to win friends.

Finally you will see me use the term GM (Games Master) and DM (Dungeon Master) throughout this site. Games Master is the generic term for the storyteller roll in any pen and paper Role Playing Game, while Dungeon Master is the specific title used in Dungeons and Dragons for the same role.

I hope you take something of worth from this site and if not, at least are somewhat entertained/informed. Happy gaming….. Gorebad.